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I can’t believe that I’m going to show you this…

please…adjust the color on your monitor NOW.  (you know…make it NOT so bright)…maybe even shrink your screen.

This is me first thing in the morning.  NO make up, morning breath, and ragamuffin hair.  I’m NOT going to claim to be photogenic AT all, but…in less than 5 minutes, I can become FAR more presentable after using some cosmetics (go to https://labeauty.com/ for affordable beauty products). You can also check out Skincare Rejuvenation website, there are some skincare tips at their homepage.

Here’s how:

It all starts with a trip to my store, Walmart.  Here, you have to stock up on face products that don’t break the bank.  Here’s where I shall introduce you to the secret weapon, e.l.f.


Go ahead and walk up and down the ENDLESS aisles of cosmetics.  You will NOT find a better selection at a better price.

They have everything from makeup brushes, makeup removers, foundations, powders, eye liners, eye shadows, lip goodies (and even MORE things that I’d never seen or heard of before)

Make sure you grab the STAPLES for sure (and then some extra if you want):

  • makeup removers
  • brushes
  • foundation
  • powder
  • blush (or bronzer)
  • eye shadow
  • eye liner (if that floats your boat)
  • lips (balm, gloss, stick or all of the above)

Once I have my arsenal laid out on my bathroom counter, I can get to work!

Get the pallet ready…

  • Moisturize next (or add sunscreen now if you’ll be outside)
  • Foundation is next (I think you’ll be surprised at how light e.l.f. foundation goes on.  It isn’t too thick at all and doesn’t cake up on your face)
  • Face powder or bronzer (depending on your desired look)

(isn’t that the cutest compact you’ve ever seen??)

  • double time…this can also be your blush!

Now for the eyes.  I personally don’t wear eye shadow in the daytime UNLESS I’m going somewhere that I want to look really good or stand out.  Usually, I’m just a mascara kind of gal.  BUT, even with adding eye shadow and a quick coat of mascara, my time in the bathroom getting ready is STILL under five minutes.  You CANNOT skip the eyes.  I mean it.  You know we ladies of a certain age (over 20) NEED our eyes to LOOK open and alive.  (and I LOVE that the e.l.f. mascara is waterproof and nice and thick!)

What are YOU looking at??  and yes…those are my real lashes (with a little help from e.l.f. mascara!)

For the final touch…LIPS!  Use the balm if you’re just running out the door, or go ahead with the stick or gloss to make them stare!

and you’re done!  OK, I’m done.  And….I’m TOTALLY scared to turn the camera around and spot light my big ole’ melon.  BUT, if I must….to show you what five minutes and a simple product like e.l.f can do…then, I must.

no autographs please.

ahhh…trust me.  That’s as good as she gets.

NOW…get out of my bathroom.  What would my hubby say??

(i just crack myself up sometimes!)

I hope I inspired you to get a MOVE ON in the bathroom.  Make your morning routine SHORT and SWEET.  Get it done right.  Use the right products, and get on with your day.

Go ahead…tell me.  What does YOUR morning routine look like?? (did I beat your time??)

and…if you STILL want to know more about e.l.f. cosmetics, check them out here:

oh…and if you want to see ALL of my shopping trip to Walmart, just check me out HERE.

I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and e.l.f. #CBias #SocialFabric  All opinions and photos are my own.  OK, Ok…I’ll autograph one if you REALLY want me to!