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bigelow tea #shop

It’s that time of year again.  BACK TO SCHOOL for the kids.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  In our family, we prepare by taking our nightly walks around the golf course.  This gives us time to talk about the day and how it went and what the expectations are for tomorrow.   (and to get a little “forced” exercise in).  Once we’re back in the house…the real world begins.  Homework, backpacks, and getting a little organized.  While chaos churns around me in abundance…I find my little slice of Heaven with a cup of Bigelow Tea. Back to school shopping always requires some leisure for yourself too. What I always did was buy some real sheepskin slippers so I can live comfortably after the long day at school. bigelow tea #shop   Ok…first, I have to get the boys to clean up their school mess off the table.  Then, the preparation for evening BLISS can begin. From a recent shopping trip to Walmart, here’s what you’ll need: bigelow tea #shop

  • Bigelow Green Tea (decaff or not–I usually prefer the loaded for mornings and decaf for nights)
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • cinnamon (ground or sticks)
  • ice ice baby (ha ha)
  • sweetener (if you have a sweet tooth)

Do you know what we’re making yet? How about a Iced Green Tea (or like my friend says, my Chai Latte) bigelow tea #shop oh yes. THIS will help you start your morning off right…OR wind down after a stressful school day. All you do is warm up your almond milk (I just heat mine in the microwave for 1.5 mins) Then, drop a tea bag in the mug of milk for 2-4 minutes. Next, stir in your preferred amount of cinnamon.  (start off with 1/4tsp and add to taste preference) I used my Magic Bullet.  Add ice to the cup, pour in the milk/tea/cinnamon mixture…and blend. and you have PURE BLISS. bigelow tea #shop I have been drinking green tea daily for YEARS. Having a glass first thing in the morning has so many benefits.

  • It’s healthier than a glass of soda
  • NO calories (only 30 if you use the unsweetened almond milk)
  • Next to water, this is one of the healthiest drinks you can consume
  • Studies indicate that it increases your metabolism

I personally have a hard time kicking my soda habit…and drinking Bigelow Green Tea helps me still get the energy that I need without the calories and sugar of sodas.  (and my teeth may be thanking me too)  I choose Bigelow Tea over other brands for their variety, the price, and availability. We, as parents, are doing everything we can to ensure our kids get a great breakfast and good start to their school day.  DON’T forget about YOU!  YOU deserve a great start to your school day too.  Bigelow Tea can help put that pep in your step and make you feel like the awesome person that you are! Green Tea (and Green Tea with lemon) are my favorite varieties of tea.  What’s your favorite??