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We’ve been dancing it up around here with our Just Dance 4…and now we have the opportunity to to Just Dance Disney Party it up!!!

How can you go wrong with music, colorful images, and a cute girl to dance like??  Just Dance Disney Party will be SO much fun for the whole family…with up to four players dancing at a time, everyone will have a chance to get in on the fun!  You’ll recognize so many of the songs in Just Dance Disney Party from classic Disney Movies and Disney Channel’s shows.

Some of the features of Just Dance Disney Party are:

Twenty five brand new dances and choreographies–from movies and shows such as:  Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Shake it Up, A.N.T. Farm…and many others.

Features some of your favorite Disney characters–You have fun backgrounds inspired by tv shows and movies and see characters such as Phineas & Ferb.

Family Fun and Party Fun–up to four players.  Play for highest score or play Freeze & Shake for extra points

Keep the Party Going in Non-Stop SHuffle Mode–just as it says….dance non-stop!

Kids can create their own playlists–kids can choose up to ten songs to create their own playlists to dance and customize their experience.

Eli LOVED dancing to these songs…he knew for more than I did!! (I guess that’s from the Disney Shows).  The dance moves were easier to do and I didn’t feel like I’d have a heart attack after just one song!!!

Let’s just be serious…who wouldn’t LOVE to see their kids do these dance moves?

We played our Just Dance Disney Party on the Xbox with the Kinect.  This interactive gaming makes it SO much more fun!

If your kiddos have it on their wish list, you can snag a copy at Amazon and at Toys R Us

And..becuase you asked for it when I told you about Just Dance the first time…here’s a little video of me and Eli getting our groove on! (be nice…)