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I was able to do a little shopping this weekend.  Looking for a healthy, yummy drink.  I choose to go the “fruit smoothie” route.  I tried FOUR different flavors that FruitSimle had to offer and I even went to another store to buy another fruit smoothie to compare.

I am excited to report that I just LOVED the FruitSimple Mixed Berry flavor fruit smoothie.  I might be able to get my 9 year old to try it (even if I cheat and mix it in with ice cream!).

If you’re looking for a cool (because it’s refrigeratored), smooth, fruity, NON-alcoholic smoothie…you should give these a try. (and let me know what you think).  I grabbed mine at Walmart, I’m sure they’re at grocery stores and I’ve seen them at convenient stores.

Try them straight up, with crushed ice…or in ice cream blended up for a treat in this JULY HEAT!