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When this game came in the mail…Eli screamed, “MOM…this is the BEST GAME EVER!  I can’t believe it’s here!”.

So, I had no idea how popular this game is.

Here’s the permise of the game:

It’s for the Nintendo DS (and rated E for everyone).  The Poptropica museum is in ruins and needs your help to find missing artifacts to help restore the museum.  It’s key features are:

Exploring an amazing world–you’ll get to run and jump through unique islands where you will find items that unlock new areas and open new gameplay challenges.

Create your own character–pick our clothes, hats, hair styles and more.

Build a collection like no other–find gadgets and items as you progress in the game and complete quests.  Use these items to open new areas and display them in your Poptropica Museum.

Mini-Game Challenges–as you play and complete quests, you will unlock many mini-games that provide more challenges and variety.

Eli told me that his favorite part of this game is being able to trade clothes!  Yes…that’s what he said.  He said that you could become a Knight, fight with Gods, become a superhero…all while wearing whatEVER you want (even a wedding dress!).

See for yourself…he’s 10 years old, and he takes his gaming seriously!


I keep forgetting that the Nintendo DS has TWO screens!


Eli said that this game was great for any age…maybe 3 years old and up.   Although, he said reading would be quite helpful.

He also told me that NOT having your mother hover while you’re searching for artifacts makes the game SO much more enjoyable. (yes…he’s a stinker!)

With all the fighting games that are on the market…it’s nice to see him play a fun KID game!  If you think your kiddo might like Poptropica, you can find it at Amazon or Toys R Us

Do you already have this game in your library of games?? OR…is it on your “got to get before Dec. 25th” list??