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THE BIG GAME is only a few weeks away….and I’ve got some great football party ideas to share with you to help make incorporating the kids a LOT easier and fun for everyone!

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First…let’s make the DECISION!   You’re having a football party for the BIG GAME.

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Next…you need to do a little shopping.  (Here’s where my professional shopping experience will totally help you out!).  Currently, Walmart has their DiGiorno Pizzas on ROLLBACK for only $4.50.  You can’t grab enough (because, what your party goers don’t eat, your family will for future dinners).


When selecting your pizza toppings, might I suggest Four Cheese, Rising Crust Pepperoni, Rising Crust Supreme, Rising Crust Sausage, Three Meat, and the Sausage and Pepperoni.  Now, walk throughout the lovely Walmart and grab all the party staples:  pizza, wings, chips, dip, salsa, cookies, popcorn, and different candies (remember, we’re going to make the kids part of the party fun).  Don’t forget to grab drinks (soda, water bottles, juice for the kids)

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Don’t judge my gigantic buggy (our southern word for shopping cart)…I have a house full of boys and their friends coming over!

Whew….the shopping is done.

Now…let’s set the stage.

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This may look like any dining table set up….HOWEVER…it isn’t!

It’s actually a large folding table, set on top of small boxes, and it’s COFFEE TABLE height.  This takes ALL the food to the living room where the BIG GAME will be playing, easy access for guests on the couch…AND….the kids can get their own food because they can REACH IT!

Kid Table/Game Watchers Large TV tray

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I know…my brilliant mind at work here.

Pizza Displays

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You made all these AWESOME DiGiorno pizzas…show them off!  I was able to get some pizza pans at the dollar store and some glass vases.  I simply spray painted the vases black, and glued the pizza pan to the top.  Perfecto!

Pizza Snack Bites

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Here’s another example of incorporating the kids for the BIG Game.  Cute up some of the pizza in small bite-size pieces, and make cute little flags with washi tape.  This way, the kids, (and teens), will be able to pop one in their mouths and keep running around the house or watching the game!

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Sit Back…and Enjoy the Game and the Food

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#GameTimeGoodies #shop

I can’t really help you with the clean up…other than suggesting that you buy paper EVERYTHING (including the table-cloth) and pick it all up with one SWOOP and toss it!

I can, however, tell you that having a few fun OUTDOOR games for the kids to play once they grow bored with the game is a LIFE saver.

Here’s a little glow bowl that we tried….

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Party responsibly….

Wear ELASTIC waist pants….

and enjoy!