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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.


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I live in a house with the cutest boys (including my hubby)….and I find that all of the above have this tendency to drop anything and everything that they come in contact with.  Therefore, over the years, I have learned a few essential things that help make keeping my floors clean.

  • Take your time when purchasing a vacuum cleaner
  • Save your back and compare the weight of the units (remember the light weight units can be used by your kiddos!)
  • An attachment will be most useful in cleaning corners, furniture, and stairs
  • If you have stairs…remember to get a light weight model with attachments
  • Bag-less vacuums save you time and future money at the store
  • Check your unit warranty (having one will save you JUST in case!)

When you have kids and pets at home, you could consider a plain rug in the living room or the play area. As kids spend most of their time on the floor playing with their toys, it is best for them to sit on a rug and have the same fun as to avoid various forms of dirt present on the floor.

Keeping these tips in mind, I went on a shopping trip to Walmart in search for the best vacuum cleaner for hair to give my sister.   She’s moving into a new house…and has four kiddos.

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I decided on the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo vacuum because I heard it is a good canister vacuum for pets by miniwick. The reviews really convinced me of this, those interested should have a look.



Why yes…she does live on a farm.  With the kids running in and out tracking dirt and grass and WHO KNOWS what around…they need one (if not two) of these babies.

While shopping at Walmart, you can read these “one sheets” about each vacuum and compare their features.

eureka airspeed ONE turbo

These were the deciding factors for me when making my choice:

  • PRICE, PRICE, PRICE (just love it)
  • weight of only 9.6lbs (almost half the weight of the unit beside it)
  • I liked the attachment for stairs and furniture
  • warranty (2 year limited)

Once we got to her house, I actually enlisted our kids to help put it together.



and…we even  thought you’d like to actually see how easy it is to put together!  (oh yes we did make a super-silly video)




Once we had the vacuum assembled…we tried it out.



The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo vacuum picked up Katie’s dog food (she’s a social eater and takes it where the people are). it was a breeze to suck up all the grass and hay the kids tracked in, and the attachments were easy breezy to use.  Opening the canister to dump out the trash was a snap and it was ready to put back in for use next time.  This vacuum was the perfect unit for it’s price point.  For under $60,  you can’t go wrong.  I think my sister will LOVE this vacuum cleaner.  It’s the right size for her kiddos to help out when she’s feeling under the weather.  (or…poor things may have the floors as their permanent chores!)

As wonderful as our assembly video is…there is a “for real” Eureka video to show you the proper way to assemble  your Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo.


So, on  your next trip to Walmart…take a walk down the vacuum aisle and compare the units.   You can read about the different models right there in the store.    OR…read all about them on the Walmart website.  You can find out more about the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo vacuum on Twitter and on Facebook.

What features do you look for when making your vacuum selection??