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It’s these darn therapists….the ones that you pay to help your kiddo.  After one of our sessions last week….She (Mrs. L), made me leave her office in tears.

“Your kid sucks….”   that’s I could hear.  All these years of therapy, ot, pt, speech, behavior…and it all culminates to days like this.  Days where I put my hands over my face in disbelief.


Isaac….our special needs kiddo…

The one with the special heart…

the one that we’ve depleted our 6 figure retirement account for…

the one that leaves a trail of chocolate chips behind him where ever he goes…

that kid.

They say he sucks.



He’s 7 years old…and FINALLY can suck through a straw!  You just can’t imagine how unbelievably proud we are of him.  Isaac has been getting ALL of his liquids and medications through his g-tube in his belly.

Now…we’re NO WHERE close to getting that g-tube removed…but this is AMAZING!


Can you even imagine what it’s like on a hot summer day….everyone drinking water…and you can’t quench your thirst with a sip of water??

and he can see other kids.  What he must think when we’re sitting around the table and I give him something yucky to eat (because that’s usually the most nutritious).  NOW…he can sip on a little juice box and wash the horrible taste away…and pretend like the rest of the kids that my cooking was the most delicious thing he’s EVER tasted!

This is AWESOME!


It’s awesome that we have such amazing therapist that don’t give up on our kids.  That work through the tears and tantrums (of both kid and parents) and let US have just a brief moment to just be mom…

I’m a HORRIBLE therapist….

I had NO idea that Isaac was even ready to drink from a straw.

and…it’s ok…

I’m just mom…

not the soothsayer extraordinaire that I sometimes think I can/should be.

All Hail the Great Therapists everywhere!