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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

Have you seen “We bought a Zoo” yet??  My family missed it at the theater, so….we’re SO excited that it’s out on DVD!!!  You know with a house FULL of boys…I have to get creative to get them to stick around and hang out with MOM at night!  So, we head out to Walmart to get the dvd and a few other goodies.

Yes…can you guess what we’re making tonight??  Ok, the Kibbles n’ Bits is for Katie (our dog), the pizza is because I DO NOT like to cook, we have our dvd, and some Del Monte Fruit and yogurt (for smoothies).   With all that in our cart….we’re off to the house to mix up some smoothies and have movie night!

To make the EASIEST smoothies EVER, all you need is:

  • Del Monte Fruit fruit cups
  • Yogurt (I got vanilla, plain is good too)
  • Wheat Germ (to sneak some more goodness into their diet)

Eli decided that he would help me out.  (I just LOVE that kiddo!)

First, add your Del Monte fruit.  We used 2/3 cup for ONE serving size smoothie–if you’re using a can.  If you’re using the fruit cups, just one cup per serving. (we’re blending ours in the Magic Bullet).  If you want to make a big batch in a regular size blender, just multiply the recipe.

Next, just add your yogurt.  We used ONE cup of yogurt for ONE serving size smoothie (again, just multiply this amount if you want to make a bigger blender batch).  **We also used Vanilla yogurt, if you don’t want your smoothies AS sweet, use the PLAIN yogurt.

Finally, add 1-2 teaspoons of Wheat Germ (if you want to make this smoothy even MORE healthy).  Eli couldn’t taste it, but he could see the dots, and because he helped me make it, he knew what it was.

Now…you just blend it up!

Eli wanted to add ice…and I suppose you can, but then you’d have a slushy instead of a smoothie.

Remember, you can add any type of fruit you like.  The Del Monte cans make these smoothies SO fast and easy!

Add a few sprinkles on top…and let the kids enjoy!

After we had the smoothies made, we popped some popcorn and got ready to start the movie!

and guess what?  The boys actually sat down to enjoy the snacks and the movie….Isaac was asleep (see his feet), Chris held Katie, and Eli slurped his smoothie.  SUCCESS!

and since we can’t share our smoothies with Katie…we give her a surprise of 40pounds of Kibbles ‘n Bits! (be on the lookout for a $4.00 coupon on the 40 pound bags of Kibbles n’ Bits when you buy “We Bought a Zoo”)

Del Monte pet products are being featured in Women’s World magazine and Parade magazine.  Del Monte fruit cups will have a $0.50 off coupon and featured in First for Women Magazine.

and yes…we totally loved this movie.  We’re even watching it again TONIGHT!  I think we have a winner….

If you want to see my shopping trip at Walmart for all these goodies, you can check us out HERE.

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Let me know if you’ve seen this movie yet and what you think about it!  AND…did you try making my smoothies?  I’d love to know how you liked them!


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