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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

School’s starting soon!  We’ve been buying new school clothes, school supplies, crossing our fingers for good teachers….so much to do and SO little time.  It’s SO easy to get caught up in all the preparation and forget that there MAY just be kids in your own community that need a little help in gathering supplies needed for school (or teachers that could use extra for their class).

I’ve told you before about Champions For Kids SIMPLE Service Projects…how you can do small things to help out your community.  WELL, here’s a GREAT one for you!  The Elmer’s Bag it Forward project is SO easy to do.  You just gather extra school supplies while you’re shopping at Walmart and then donate them to a teacher, school, or shelter (or anywhere there may be a need in YOUR community).  That’s why I LOVE these projects!   They’re SO simple and everything you do STAYS in your community…you’re helping your friends and neighbors!

The boys and I are actually in Las Vegas for a few weeks for medical stuff…but, that doesn’t stop our LOVE of shopping (ok, mine) and our love to giving back to the community.

We head to our Walmart in our old neighborhood.  (oh…the memories)  With a “mental list” in mind…we’re off to gather school supplies so that we can make a SUPER CUTE bag to give to an organization that could use it.

We were like shopping ninjas!  We found glue, glue sticks, paint pens, paper, notebooks…oh my goodness.  SO many things were on sale.

Ok…there were supply lists available for me to look at.  BUT, I AM shopping professional…I can just wing it!

While we were shopping, we actually found these bags that were filled with school supplies….and look at what’s on the tag:

I love that it’s telling people about the SIMPLE projects…and has coupons TOO!  You can see ALL of our crazy shopping adventures HERE.

I’m going to show you my cute bag all full of goodies on my NEXT post.  (I know….the suspense is going to KILL you!)  If we were in Reno this week, you know that my school of choice would be Isaac’s school for disabled children.  BUT, we’re in Las Vegas.  I’ve thought long and hard about who this bag should go to.  We’re going to be in the Children’s Hospital this week with Isaac…and I thought that they should receive our donation.  I bet you didn’t know that even when kids are sick and in the hospital…THEY STILL HAVE SCHOOL!  If you’ve ever had to spend weeks or months at a hospital, it can sometimes be hard to get away from the hospital for a shower or meal…never the less to go school shopping for your kids.  I can’t wait to talk with the hospital staff and let them give our bag to a needy family.

If you’re excited about helping YOUR community, just check out the following links to learn more about SIMPLE projects:

#Champions4Kids  #BagItForward


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