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Spring is JUST around the corner (ok, maybe after this weekend’s snow storm!).  I’m getting SO itchy to change up the house…I thought I’d share with you a few easy tips to help you change the look of your living room without breaking the bank! Also if you want to change the insulation check the best Spray Foam Insulators!

Let’s just take a look at my living room at it’s normal state.  NOTHING fancy about it at all.  BUT, the colors are all bold and dark.  It’s time to liven it up a bit!


Sounds so easy…but it really is the first step.  Just buying new items to put in your room will not help it look it’s best, if the base of the room isn’t clean and ready to show off your new accessories.

  • Dust your blinds and window seals.
  • Clean the windows inside and outside (how else will the sun shine through?)
  • Vacuum floors (even the baseboards) and carpet clean them if you can. Use one of the best vacuums at Homecleanexpert.
  • Dust all shelves, televisions, and tables

As you know I’m planning to lighten up the colors in the hall; thus I’m planning to Buy Blinds Online, Buy new cushions online of light colors and various other things to lighten and brighten up the hall. All this cleaning (beleive, that Ready Set Maids can help in that as nobody else) will make a WONDERFUL effect.  But, to even get that SPRING feeling, here’s where you sneak in an air freshener.  Choose one that will blend with your decor and have a subtle scent. (we purchased the Renuzit Fresh Accents air freshener)

Once your cleaning is done, the next EASIEST thing to do to change the “season” of your living room is to just change the color scheme.  Do this by changing your curtains. If you have the space in your room, I love the idea of window shelves, they add storage and make beautiful displays for whatever you put on them. I found my inspiration on, if you have a large room, add one of these.

After changing your curtains, stay with the new color that you choose and add throw pillows and throw blankets.  ( I actually made this pillow with a curtain panel and a $2.50 standard pillow) I also wanted a new addition to my furniture, just to add a tad freshness to the living room, which is why I purchased the new Polaris Mini Contemporary Orange Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa. Not to mention, it is the perfect amalgamation of class and comfort!

Another easy place to add your new color in your room is in candles.  They come in SO many different colors…you’re sure to find one to match the curtains and pillows that you choose. (just so you know…I totally attempted to make new glossy white candle holders…and they just didn’t turn out.  I’ll try again)

ANOTHER way to freshen up your space is to touch up any paint that needs it.  (we’re renting our house, so I didn’t paint the walls)…BUT, I did put a bright new coat of paint on the fireplace.  Touch up the paint on your fireplaces, baseboards, and doors where needed.  You’d be SO surprised how a crisp new white pulls the room together.

I didn’t add anything to this sofa but another new throw pillow.  This lighter color helps with such dark furniture.  I left the painting where it was (my husband actually painted this one).  You COULD switch out your art work if you have extras available…this too would be an option to bring in MORE of your new color scheme.

I’m not sure if you noticed my Renuzit Fresh Accents air freshener on the fireplace…but, look at the container holding it.  You can’t even tell it’s an air freshener!

I hope I’ve inspired you to give your Living Room a mini-makover using these simple steps.  Remember, it all starts with your spring cleaning and then you can add a little fresh scent to your house by adding the Renuzit Fresh Accent air freshener (I love the Raspberry).

If you’d like to research the Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Freshener, check out their website HERE, “like” them on Facebook, or HERE on Facebook to go directly to send an email and get a coupon.

If you want to see my crazy shopping adventures, I have a google plus album HERE you can check out!


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