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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

I know it happens to you too…right?

“Honey…I’m on my way home.  What’s for dinner??”

“uhh…it’s a surprise!”

ham and pineapple

OH &^%$….what am I going to make for dinner!

This is my conversation with my husband almost daily!  I’m NOT a great cook, I don’t really like cooking (mainly because I don’t like cleaning up the kitchen!).  So…if I can make it fast, easy, and actually edible…I’m on it!

Here’s all you need to get dinner started:

ham and pineapple kabobs


Seriously…that’s it.

Just grab some deli ham that you already have in the fridge and a can of pineapples.

(now…if you have a fresh pineapple…GREAT.  But, the can works just fine)

Remember…keepin’ it simple!

Start up the grill…and start folding the ham and putting it on the sticks alternating with pineapples.

ham and pineapple kabobs


Just place them on the grill…flip them over after about 10 mins.

And you just made the quickest dinner EVER!

ham and pineapple kabobs