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Recently, I talked about “Should Middle Schoolers Have Cell Phones” and we had a great discussion about it.  Many great points were made, from what our kids’ opinions were, to what our worries as parents were.  With the Walmart Family Mobile Plan, many of our parental worries are answered.  This is a CHEAP wireless plan that won’t break the bank every month.  It’s an UNLIMITED plan, so there are no surprise bills each month.  It’s month to month…so, if that kiddo gets in trouble, you can cut the phone off at anytime.  Along with the great parental limit and controls, YOU are in charge of the cell phone  and can even track volunteer hours he does after school with that new technology they have(but, there’s no need to tell that to your middle schooler!).

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop


That’s my MAIN motivation for securing a cell phone for my middle schooler.  I want him to be able to reach me when he needs me…and vice versa.  I don’t see pay phones very frequently…he never has money on him…and I don’t even think he could use one if he needed to.  Being able to contact me for any reason would just help ease my mind when he’s not with me.


The Walmart Family Mobile Family plan is a super cheap wireless plan.  Gone are the days where you’re forced to pay $50+ a month just to add another line to your family mobile plan.  With all the money that you save, you can spend a little more on your kiddos in other ways (like on our recent trip to Disney World).

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop


Any phone with a camera feature is my son’s main reason for wanting a phone.  Regardless of his previous arguments…these are the images most frequently captured of my middle schooler. (I suppose it could be worse)

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop

#FamilyMobileSaves #shop

Don’t forget to Pay your bill!

One thing I realized this last month with Eli trying out his phone, is that he didn’t use it every single day.  He kept it on vibrate in his backpack.  Well, when you get that text to pay your bill…if you don’t look at your phone frequently enough…you will FORGET to pay it.  Don’t worry though…even if they turn your phone off, you just hop online, pay your bill…and it’s back working.  (so..if you’re a little absent-minded like me…set up a monthly reminder or set your bank to pay automatically).  A dead phone is a useless phone.

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