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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

If you know me…you KNOW that I’m a HGTV FANATIC!  I mean…seriously…CRAZY in love with this channel.  When they did the first Dream Home Giveaway…I really thought that I was going to win it (I mean…really…no ONE watched that channel but ME!)

Fast forward to 2011…and I’ve watched Design Star since David won it (and my heart:)

So….Episode 3 was the home challenge.  They went into a families’ home…heard the needs, saw the space, and had to formulate a plan.

What the h&*% was Doug thinking??  As my husband and I were watching this episode, I told him that Doug was going home the MINUTE he put that pink on the walls.  (Arrogance really isn’t ‘a good thing if you don’t have the juevos to back it up Dougie).

I really loved Kelli’s bar area…and the passion that she brought with her idea (although, the tears weren’t ALL that necessary).  Karl is just a goofy-cutie-pie and his mosaic back splash KNOCKED Cathy’s RIDICULOUS mosaic out of the park! (you know…from the white box challenge…WHO puts white tiles on a white table with white grout? NO ONE)

I have to tell you….Cathy is getting on my last nerves.  I suppose that attitude is what got her on the show…but, I really was hoping she’d get the boot until Dougie showed up with the pink paint.  Glad the boys put her in her place when she wanted them to do ALL the manual labor!!

And…we had to hit rewind…did Leslie say that her WIFE and four kids…..?? (just checking to see if anyone caught that?)

I was glad to see that Meg and Tyler got their grove on…and I really LOVED their space the best.  It may have looked “show room” pretty…but, I adored it (and would welcome that Hampton vibe in my own house).

Mark…loved your wall of wood…but, you were TOO nice to Dougie.  (at least you warned him).  And Kevin…your desk ROCKED!  Maybe if my teenager had a desk like that…he’d actually sit at it and PRETEND to do some homework!

What did you think about the results and the designers?

If you aren’t watching Design Star already…SHAME ON YOU!  You can go to their website HERE and check your local listings for dates and times the show is on (and even watch episodes that you’ve missed).  AND…if you’re an UBER fan…there’s a message board that you can get on and chat it up with other UBER Design Star fans!