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As we patiently await snow here in Northern Nevada, the boys and I decide it’s time to break out the Christmas decorations and get into the SPIRIT of the holidays!  WELL, we just moved here…and I have a TINY problem of throwing away and/or giving away items before each move.  Therefore, when we couldn’t find our moving reindeer, the skinny Christmas tree, or the inflatable Spongebob…I knew that we’d have to make a trip to the store.  Luckily, we were asked to share with you what we could find at Kmart…and BOY did we find some goodies!

I just need to remind you what it’s like shopping with Isaac.  Now…he’s generally a happy little guy, he just screams when I need to hold MY iphone (it doesn’t matter that HIS ipad is beside him)  (just so you don’t judge me as a bad mom)

I think it’s necessary for you to see the BEFORE of our front yard.  OK, we don’t really have a big one.  We live in a townhouse.  BUT…just because you may live in a townhouse, apartment, or condo….you CAN and SHOULD decorate the outside!  Come on…don’t be scared.  Let me show you how we went from this bare front yard to THIS:

Let me show you how we were able to transform our front patio.

The bells were the easiest thing we added.  They came as is and we just secured them onto our front gate. (under $10 at Kmart)

Then, we added an artificial tree that we snagged at Kmart.  Adding lights and BIG glittery balls (that just happened to be on sale).  DO not be afraid to put a tree outside (I’d make sure it was on a covered porch, unless you live in the desert).  When putting ornaments on, just use the standard metal hooks, and be sure to WRAP them around the branches so they don’t fall off in the wind.

A wreath for the front door.  Now…I saw SO many cute ones at Kmart…but, I like to make mine.  SO, I bought the red garland and the ornaments…and look how cute it came out! (Notice, I’m doing all red and green….even though my inside decorations are all white and silver).  I just used fishing line to tie them to the wreath.

Above the front door, did you notice the garland.  We bought the garland with lights on it, and just added some of the ornaments on it (tied on again with the metal hooks).  SUPER easy.  You can hang just a swag over the door or have it go all the way down to the floor.

We already had this Mickey Blowup…I have NO idea how it managed to stay in one piece through our move!

As a family, we like to buy at least ONE new outside decoration each year to add to our “stash”.  The boys are going to LOVE having another tree to decorate each year.

NOW…if you think my front porch turned out great, check out my mom’s yard.  When I called her and told her all the things I found at my Kmart, she headed out to hers and look what she found:

She got the bear and reindeer (on the left side) at Kmart and she already had the snowmen and the presents.

They are the cutest little things!  I didn’t even see these at my store (they must have already sold out)!

There’s still time to decorate your outside and surprise the kids! (One year, Santa decorated our inside and outside:)  If you need to get a few ideas, head on over to www.kmart.com/holidayshop.  If you’d like to see my entire shopping trip with my crazy kids, you can check it out HERE.


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  #CBias  All cute kids and opinions are my own and I decorated all by myself (while my sweet hubby slept).