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Some of my favorite gifts each year from my husband, are those TOTALLY thoughtful gifts.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot…but, mean a lot.  (he’s the same way….of course he’d love an expensive motorcycle in the driveway with a bow on it, but a thoughtful gift makes him tear up!)  This year, I had to really think about his gift.  I came up with a MOST brilliant idea.  Using the idea of “my dream date night” I came up with this gift box.  It will help jump-start our date night with a date in.

#KYdatenight #shop

You may need to write a little note on each item, so he understands:

My dream date night with you would go a little like this….

  • Rubber Gloves–to help me with the dishes
  • Leash–to help me walk the dog
  • Diapers–to help me with the kids
  • Massager–to help ease the stress of the day
  • K-Y Yours and Mine–to remind you that although we’ve been married FOREVER, I do still love you and you still give me goose bumps!

ohhh….sweet, yet funny.

With a date night like this…I get a little help around the house, spend time with my hubby, and remind him at the end of the night that I still adore him.  It’s just my “perfect dream date night”.

(ok…so, maybe I’m not the girl who dreams of being whisked away on a plane to Paris in the middle of the night…I’m a little more easy to please).  I’d just love to stay at home with my guy…and snuggle with a movie.

If you’d like to re-create my gift box, just head on over to Wal-mart to get the massager and K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant.  (I already had the gloves, leash, and diapers…but, grab those also if you need more).

#KYdatenight #shop

I think everyONE had this idea…because it took THREE Walmarts to find a box!  Here’s why…

#KYdatenight shop



On many boxes of KY Yours+Mine, you’ll find this “Date Night Dinner and a Movie” logo.  You’ll not ONLY be able to grant your sweetie a sweet holiday gift…BUT, you’ll also be able to get a future movie from Vudu and meals delivered to your door from Plated.  Therefore, date night number TWO will be FREE!   whoo hoo!!

Now…if you don’t want to be AS FUNNY as I think I am….you can just go the sweet route…and make this box:

#KYdatenight #shop


This box gets right to the point….I want to spend some quality time with my man!  It’s got the candle from, massager, and K-Y Yours+Mine Couples Lubricant all nestled in a cute gift box.  All items can be found at your local Walmart (so, no going from store to store).

Seriously….which box would you give??