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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

As parents, we want the best for our children.  We want our preschoolers to learn their letters and numbers, maybe even start to read before starting school.  We want them to not only know what a cat and dog are…but, to know all the animals that they may see on a trip to the zoo.  We want them to have a good understanding on these things before entering school.

With those thoughts in mind, I have had a MOST WONDERFUL discovery!  Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards.  They come in three different sets:  numbers, letters, and animals.


The animal game was the one that I KNEW Isaac would LOVE at first site.  But, I did buy all three sets that were available. SO, we opened the animal package up at once to see what it had in store for us!  These cards are used with iPhones and iPads (and you KNOW that Isaac loves those devices!)

There is a deck of cards.  The front of the card has a picture of an animal. (and don’t worry, these are THICK durable cards).

The back of the cards have some information about the animal and a scan box on the top.  (this is the box that you scan with your iPad or iPhone)

Now that the cards are out, you need to download the Cypher Kids Club App from the store (just search it and it will pop right up…there is a different app for each animal, letter, or number game).

Once the app is loaded, open it up and start playing!


Once the app is open, scan the back of a card and you are ready to go!  There are TWO different game modes.  The exploration game mode shows you the animal in 3D (an Augmented Reality app is it’s technical term–no special glasses needed to view it).

This is what the animals will look like!  The picture is AMAZING…and truly that bright (no photoshopping here!)  The noises the animals make, the narrator talking about the animals, and the prompt by the narrator to have the kids touch the animal to make it do something was great!

The other game option in the Cypher Kids Club Reality Card set is the Snapshots option.  Here, you’re able to scan your animal card and then take pictures of the animal with ANYTHING in the background (you, your kids, your pet…anything!)

Not only did Isaac and I have fun playing around with the cards…but, Eli (our 10 year old) loved listening about the different animals and playing “teacher” with Isaac. (melt my heart)


Do you know where you can find the Cypher Kids Club Learning Cards?  TARGET!  Yep…that’s where we were last week when we saw them.  You can see our entire shopping trip HERE and see where the cards were located in our store.

You and your preschooler are going to LOVE The Cypher Kids Interactive Learning Cards.   If you want to learn more about the cards, check out the links below:

Let me know if you’ve seen these, tried them…or if you get them, what you think!  #CypherKidsClub


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