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So…you like the way those Brownie Pops look…do you??   Let me tell you how they came about and how YOU can make them too!

Football is over….it’s basketball’s time to reign (Thank goodness…it’s my FAVORITE!)  With college basketball playoffs going on, it was the PERFECT time to say, “honey…I NEED to go to the store and grab a few items for a little PARTY!”.  OK…we’re kind of basketball nuts in this house!  My hubby played in high school and college (I only played church ball, though we had best portable basketball hoops, but I LOVE to watch it).  AND…I am TOTALLY a DUKE fan all the way!  (I mean from back in the day when Christian Laettner  and Bobby Hurley were on the team against the championship UNLV with NO hope in winning!  And they did…the biggest upset in college basketball in a LONG time!)

ahhh…the good ole day.  Back to my little party.   We have kids and kids galore coming over…and, then a few adults will find seats amongst the little people.

I don’t really make a list, but I do decide to head to Walgreens to get everything that I need…and to get in out and QUICK!



Wouldn’t you know it.  The minute I walk in the store…this is starring back at me! (Coke Zero and Reese’s it is then!)  That’s exactly what I grab, and add in a few candies,  chips, popcorn, frozen pizzas, chicken nuggets, etc (You can see my entire shopping trip HERE.)


Decorations–All you need are brightly colored paper plates.  Print out some letters, attach them to the plates, and string them on a ribbon.  SUPER fast, easy, and cute!



Bring out the food!



OK…so, how DO  you make those SUPER cute Coke Zero Reese’s Pieces Brownie Pops?

Here’s the secret:

Walgreens coke zero


All I did was put a Reese’s mini in the brownie pop pan.

Then, mix the brownie mix with a can of Coke Zero (THAT’s IT!)  (No water, oil, or eggs).

Bake it at the temperature on your box…just keep checking it every five minutes after 10 minutes of cooking.

When you’re ready to put them on a stick…just put a little cake frosting on them and roll them in Reese’s Pieces!

The brownie is SO moist and yummy…you’re going to LOVE it!



If you’d like more info about where your local Walgreens is OR what deals they have going on, check out these links:

I hope this helped inspire you to throw the BEST basketball viewing party you can!  Be sure to check out all the Coca-Cola and Reese’s products at your local Walgreens!


I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias®  and Walgreens #cbias #SocialFabric  All photos and opinions are my own.