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One crazy 9 year old


This is Eli.  He’s our 9 year old middle child.  He is the smartest kiddo EVER…and always making us laugh.  With our recent move to Reno…we’re still unpacking boxes and getting settled in.  As if keeping the house clean while unpacking (and living with THREE boys) wasn’t enough…Eli asked if we could decorate his room in a “western” theme {which TOTALLY surprised me…because it’s been Star Wars forEVER}. Find tips on quick and effective cleaning at

SO…of COURSE this mama will help you decorate your room in a WESTERN theme (even though I’m NOT a decorator NOR a western kind of gal). Which meant that, after the decoration there would be a lot of waste generated. Which also meant the hiring of a bond cleaning service in Cairns and tidying up the place.

FIRST….let us talk about his room at it’s current state.

Yes…this is Eli’s bedroom


When you FIRST walk into his room….you’ll notice it’s a wreck!   BUT…then, you’ll notice a few other things.

  1. There are TWO televisions sitting on a tv stand. (with multiple game systems connected to it)
  2. There is a desk at the foot of his bed with PILES of junk on top
  3. There is a twin bed under two windows (with junk all under it). Windows are covered with shutters (bought from Shuttercraft)
Now…let us look at ANOTHER view of his room.

Another view of Eli’s Room


OK…here is the other side of his room.  Beside the bed you’ll notice a FEW more things:

  1. Two bookcases FULL of books
  2. A wire shelving system with JUNK all over it.
THEN…let’s take a look inside his closet (that’s on the remaining wall)

Closet view


Now…the Right side of his closet houses some kites, a tall, skinny dressor, and a hanging rack.

Other side to Eli’s closet


The left side of his closet if full of hanging clothes and boxes on the top shelf.

WHEW….now you’ve seen what I’m starting with…and I’m SO excited about making this room “western” themed, functional, organized, and SO COOL for my 9-year old.

We will have to come up with a new way to organize the room, throw in color, and above all…make it WESTERN! He loves sleeping on floor and thus I must find a way to make the bed really good so that he ends up on the bed. I decided to donate used mattress and find a new one.

OH…and did I tell you that there is NO budget!  Not that the budget is UNLIMITED….the budget is NON-EXISTENCE~

may the force be with me.

Anyone have any cute ideas?

I’ll be posting our progress along the way.  Wish me luck!