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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

This has been one CRAZY week…

There have been fundraisers to volunteer for, costumes to sew, doctors appointments, Indian longhouse project…

and then…as if the clouds had passed and the rays of sunshine started to beat down upon me…

I looked at kid’s school calendar…

and there it was….

The break in the middle of the week that we ALL needed!  EARLY RELEASE DAY on Wednesday!

That’s it…we’re having a little celebration in this house to celebrate EARLY RELEASE DAY!

I think we ALL deserve a special treat (that Indian Longhouse project was the straw that broke this mama’s back!)

My treat idea is to surprise Eli with special cupcakes when he comes home from school on Wednesday!

This top-secret idea will require an adventure trip for Isaac and I…

Once in Walmart, we made a most remarkable discovery.  COOL WHIP FROSTING.

There were flavors of cream cheese, chocolate, and vanilla (I couldn’t control myself).  I grabbed ALL three and then headed to grab the remaining ingredients.  (you can see my entire shopping trip HERE.)

With the clock ticking ever closer to the 2:15 release time, I had to get my bum in action!

All my bags were unpacked and my plan of attack was ever increasingly coming to life!


It’s time to get our CUPCAKE on!  I don’t do anything fancy to make the cupcakes…just read the instructions.  HOWEVER, for the first time in 30 years of baking cupcakes, I did realize that I had NEVER turned the oven down to 325 (vs. the normal baking temp of 350).  This realization made the MOST FLUFFY cupcakes EVER!

I made red velvet cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, and vanilla cupcakes.  (because you can NEVER have enough cupcakes in your house).  I do realize that there’s only five people in my house and I just made six dozen cupcakes.  (Ok, I realized it AFTER I made them…I’ll think of something)

To make Early Release Day special…you have to make the cupcakes special.  I make it happen by using this MOST delicious new Cool Whip Frosting, a few sprinkles, and funny straws to complete the look.

What do you think?  Milk Shake Cupcakes!

To make these Milk Shake Cupcakes…simply fill any glass with cupcakes (I left mine whole, but you could crumble yours up too).  Top it with Cool Whip Frosting, sprinkles, and a straw.  (You will need to have a spoon handy…the cuteness will only last too long, and they’ll need to dig in!)

As cute as they are…

did we win over Eli??

I think he LOVES it!  Our Early Release Day Celebration was a SUCCESS!

ok…ok…I couldn’t keep my hands off them either!

(I told you I made a ton of cupcakes!)

Now…what I CAN tell you about this new Cool Whip Frosting:

  • It does cost a little more than the traditional frosting
  • BUT…it is AMAZING!  (I tried all the flavors)
  • The consistency is whipped and smooth…not too thick or TOO sweet.
  • The chocolate was like my favorite chocolate milkshake!
  • I think if you try The Cool Whip Frosting, you won’t go back to the traditional frosting.  It’s just too decadent.
  • The containers can stay frozen or in your refrigerator (SO, you don’t have to frost all your cupcakes at once and they will stay fresh)

Now…if you could celebrate any ole’ thing…what would YOU celebrate??  Let me know if you try The Cool Whip Frosting and your own milk shake cupcakes!

You can also find out more about Cool Whip Frosting by following the following links:


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