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There have been SO many sales at the office supply stores…so, I thought it was time that I got OFF the COUCH and headed out to the stores.

With a strict $40 limit…I had sales ads, my wants and needs listed….and here’s what I snagged this morning:

Back to School Supplies



Our first stop was Staples:

(10) 2-Pocket Folders $0.01 each
1 Hammermill copy paper $4.99 ($4.49 easy rebate)
2 HP color ink combos $31.99 each
2 Eraser Heads $0.10 each
1 Staples 12 count Yellow pencils $1.00 (because my son didn’t think we had enough)
2 Sharpie markers (pack of 2) $0.25 each
Zebra Grip pens $4.00 ($4.00 easy rebate)
2 (2-packs) White out $0.50
1 Slider Pencil Case $0.50
1 Kit Kat $0.99 (because said son was STARVING)

Total spent at Staples: $83.15, with $60 coming back to me in ink-recycling, and $8.49 in easy rebates.

Next stop was Office Max:

4 kids Hand Sanitizer $0.50 each (clearance price)
3 White glue and Glue Stick combos $1.49 each
(3) 10-pack of pens $0.10 each
(3) 10 pack of pencils $0.75 each
3 pack of filler paper $0.01
2 packs of tab inserts $1.00 (with in ad coupon) These are great for coupon binders

Total spent at Office Max: $8.70 (check your receipt. as I was looking at mine…I see a few errors in the discount prices)

Our Final stop was Office Depot:

3 3-pack of erasers $1.50 each
Chex mix $1.79 (the same son was STILL starving)
3 5-pack Sharpies $1.00 each
5 White glue $0.05 each
2 packs of earbuds $5.99 (they were buy one, get one free)

Total spent at Office Depot: $13.14

NOW…I only went over my budgeted amount because I bought the ink at Staples.  BUT….did you see why?  If you are recycling ink, they have a HUGE deal going on right now.  When you buy $50.00 in HP ink, you get $6.00 for EVERY ink cartridge that you recycle.  NOW…I was already recycling 10 cartridges (that’s the monthly limit)….so, I will get back $60 next month!  THUS…making my ink virtually FREE!


Have you taken advantage of all the deals at the Office Supply stores yet??  Take your sales ad…make a list…and STICK TO IT!  I was lucky that all three of these stores were within a 10 mile radius of my house.