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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.

“Mom, are we fortunate?”

That was the question my ten year old asked tonight. Just out of the blue. I was wrestling around with Isaac, trying to wipe baby food off his face, the TV is blasting, Isaac’s Ipad is singing, the dog is barking…..and he asks me if we’re fortunate! hmmm….what would YOU say if your child asked you?

We are INDEED a MOST FORTUNATE family Eli, and here’s why:

  • we are so fortunate to have three super cute boys in our family
  • we are so fortunate that your little brother beat the odds and is sitting here this minute making a complete mess and driving me bonkers
  • we are so fortunate that your teenage brother is a good kid–doesn’t do drugs, drink, or smoke and hasn’t made me a grandma yet
  • we are so fortunate that you’re such a great kid, with lots of friends, toys, books, and a love of learning
  • we are so fortunate that your father is alive and beat colon cancer
  • we are so fortunate that your father has a job, when many people are still out of work
  • we are so fortunate that we live in the most beautiful city, neighborhood, and have a very comfortable home
  • we are so fortunate that we are members of an awesome ward with love surrounding us
  • we are so fortunate to have the most wonderful family and friends across the country to lean on

Then, I asked Eli if HE thought that we were fortunate. He said, “yes…I think we’re most fortunate because we have Isaac”.

OH….be still my heart. I couldn’t agree more or be more proud of my Eli.

As a family, we’ve endured more trials than sometimes I think is even fair. Sometimes, I get sick of hearing, “you’re never given more than you can handle”…and I just want to SCREAM! My philosophy is, OH YES WE ARE…but, it’s how we handle those trials that is the true test. Do we come together as a family or do these trials tear us apart? Do we seek help from friends and family and allow them to provide acts of service to help ease our burdens (that was a hard one for me to swallow)?

If Eli had asked me five years ago, I would have said HECK NO, we ARE the family that inspired the Series of Unfortunate Events! But now…as we’ve all grown through adversity and have really learned what’s most important in life…


no bull poo.

seriously. What would you say if your kiddo asked you that question today? I’d love to hear what makes you fortunate.