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Have you read the NY Post article, “Rich Manhattan moms hire handicapped tour guides so kids can cut lines at Disney World“?

Seems to be the talk of the town…

The article starts off by stating:

“They are the 1 percenters who are 100 percent despicable.”

The premise behind this article is that some wealthy Manhattan moms have figured out how to jump the long lines at Disney World.  They have been discovered hiring disabled people to pose as family members so their families can get to the front of the line.


Now…If you didn’t know this about me yet, I’m a “half-glass-full” kind of girl.  I see rainbows and butterflies everywhere I look.

So…let’s discuss it.  WHY does this article enrage you?

  • Are you mad at the 1%ers in general…they shouldn’t have so much money?
  • Are you mad that you are a 1% and feel guilty for doing this very act?
  • You have no idea…it just sounds like something you should be up in arms about!

What if you looked at this article from another point of view?

Maybe the disabled tour guide had a hard time getting work…and found a niche.

Then, shouldn’t you be angry at the tour guides for going along with this rouse?

What about looking at this situation straight on:

  • There are people in this world with TOO much money.
  • There are disabled people in this world that DO deserve to get a day of NO lines.
  • There is a way for EVERYONE to work together….
  • (People wealthy enough can buy VIP passes anyway)

Why hasn’t someone suggested the idea that those with extra money and who prefer to NOT wait in lines…host disabled families to Disney World.  This way…those families with extra money do get to wait in shorter lines while also helping families who may not be able to normally take a family trip to Disney World.

We live in a world where there is just so much negativity.  I am a mother of a severely disabled son.  If I lived each day with a chip on my shoulder and looking for fault in every direction….NO doubt  I could find it, but what kind of life would I live?  What kind of example would I be for my son?

We shouldn’t be worried about people with money and how they spend it.  What we should be concerned with is the future consequences of these actions.  Theme parks could be forced to need further proof of disabilities and that time could come where the privilege for allowing disabled people a shorter line would be ended.  ONLY the disabled would be punished.

Think before you act.