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Tyson's Back to School Project A+


We just returned from a LONG road trip…only to discover that school starts in TWO WEEKS!  HOLY COW!  Am I the ONLY one that just realized this??  I’m so behind on this revelation that these are the kids backpacks from last year…with last year’s papers STILL in them!!  oh my!

Another realization that I recently made was that Tyson has a Back to School Project A+ Program that can help you raise money for your kiddo’s school.  (kind of like Box Tops that you clip)…HOWEVER, instead of the $0.10 that you get from Box Tops, Tyson’s Project A+ Program will give your school $0.24 for each label.

Tyson's Back to School Project A+

Do you see where my arrow is pointing??  That’s what you’re looking for…the black chalkboard with “Project A+” in the corner of the package.  You’ll then know, that this Tyson product is one that will give YOUR school $0.24!  There are SO many Tyson Products that participate, just head on over to your local Walmart to start looking!

Tyson project A+

Once you have your Tyson product at home, you can just hop online to see if your school is registered (or go ahead and register your school if it isn’t).  The website is and below is what the screen will look like.

Tyson back to school project A+


The site is VERY user friendly and easy to navigate.  First…find out if your school is registered (see the upper right corner).  If you find your school…GREAT!  If you don’t…go ahead and register your school.

When I checked on our school, I found out that it was registered…but, to my dismay, found out that NO labels had been submitted!

Tyson back to school project A+


Parents…this is where YOU can make a difference in your child’s school.  Even if you’re a working parent and can’t volunteer at the school very often, you CAN be in charge of the labels from your home.  You can make reminder slips to send to your child’s school…reminding them that your school can get $0.24 for each label clipped and sent in!  You can be the one that organizes the labels and mails them in for your school.

Can you imagine all the possibilities for your school?  I know that I would love to help my son’s special needs class get more technology for the non-verbal kiddos and other devices that may help them communicate.  These are those special things that aren’t necessarily in the “regular school budget”, but that the school really needs.

To help inspire you to get out AND look for Tyson Back to School Project A+ labels…I’m going to share with you a SUPER easy recipe that your family will devour!

Chicken and Apple Quesadillas

chicken and apple quesadillas


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tyson grilled chicken (I picked up the package that was already cubed)
  • Granny Smith apples (I diced mine)
  • tortilla shells (white or wheat)
  • shredded cheese (mozzarella or a Mexican blend)

All you do is heat the chicken according to the package.  When it’s heated, simply lay a tortilla shell on the skillet then start loading it!  Cheese, then chicken.  When it’s starting to melt, throw on the apples!

Tyson back to school project A+


This is SO easy…you’ll be able to whip it out and get back to GETTING READY FOR SCHOOL TO START!

For more information on Tyson products and Tyson’s Back to School Project A+ check out Tyson Foods on Twitter or ClubTyson on Facebook.

What’s YOUR favorite recipe using Tyson chicken products??