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Sunday’s are a REALLY busy day at our house.  IF all kids are healthy, we’re off to church for three hours.  THEN, when we get back, everyone wants to eat, Joe wants the tv turned to football, I want everyone to change clothes…you get the chaos…right??  Well, I have JUST discovered how to make Sunday meals MUCH easier and to make the food MORE fun!  It’s this new product in the frozen food section called Spicy Chicken and Cheesy Chicken Nuggets…and they will ROCK YOUR WORLD! Find out the most healthy snacks and supplement reviews at clevescene.

Tyson #LoveUrNuggets #shop

(this is what they look like in the freezer section of Walmart)  You can’t miss those bright red packages.

NOW…for the kids.  While I nicely SCREAM for them to get upstairs and change their clothes…I put the nuggets in the oven (per directions on the package.)

The spicy nuggets are TOO spicy for my kids…so, cheesy wins.  Pair them with some MARINARA sauce…and your kids will think they’re eating at a restaurant.

Seriously. If you are trying to lose weight in a healthy way check out

Tyson #LoveUrNuggets #shop

Can you see the cheese oozing out of them??

Now…for the hubby.  He needs something more substantial to eat while watching the football games…because WATCHING makes you MORE hungry!  Didn’t you know that?

Tyson #LoveUrNuggets #shop

That’s why I came up with the Spicy Chicken Slider.

The Spicy Nuggets are JUST the size for those Hawaiian Rolls!  Just slice them in half, add your lettuce, tomato, and mayo (if you like) and your spicy nuggets.  I added a side of Tater Tots (because I just love them)…and we’ve got a great EASY meal for game time! Get the best weight loss results with steel bite pro.

Tyson #LoveUrNuggets #shop

FYI…these spicy nuggets are SPICY!  If you’re a lightweight…then, you just stick with the kids and enjoy the Cheesy Nuggets (or have both!)

Tyson #LoveUrNuggets #shop

Is your mouth watering yet??

Ok…I’ll wait while you wipe it off.

Now…one more thing I should tell you about.  On the back of the Tyson Cheesy Nuggets is a Chuck E. Cheese coupon!

Tyson #LoveUrNuggets #shop

When you clip this coupon and bring it into Chuck E. Cheese, you can purchase 130 tokens for $25 (that’s saving $7.50).

What are you waiting for…head on out to Walmart and try Tyson’s cheesy Nuggets and Spicy Nuggets.  What would YOU pair with them??