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With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us…let’s not forget what’s important…FAMILY!  With the release of The Smurfs 2 now on DVD, and 8 inches of fresh snow on the ground to confine us to our house, I thought it was the PERFECT time to have a little forced family fun time!  This couldn’t be just ANY movie night with pizza and popcorn….it HAD to be special (I have a reputation in this house to uphold).

To re-enact my fun movie night, you’ll need to head on over to Wal-mart and find the following:

#ad Smurfs #TastyTenders #shop

  • Tyson Honey Tenders (or Original Batter Dipped Tenders)
  • The Smurfs 2 (on DVD or BluRay)
  • This spaghetti noodles
  • Alfredo sauce
  • pretzels
  • almond bark (the white chocolate)
  • blue food coloring
  • blue sports drink (or you’re going to be coloring water or lemon-lime soda)
  • blueberries
  • sprinkles (blue of course)

If you haven’t guessed yet…we’re having a BLUE dinner and a movie!


#ad Smurfs #TastyTenders #shop

 Our main course will be Honey Chicken Tenders laid on a bed of thin azul noodles drizzled in a most delicious Alfredo sauce.


To get your noodles this lovely shade of blue, just cook them as usual, then drain them.  Put them in a bowl and start adding blue food coloring and stir.  (Be mindful, that the MORE blue you use, the MORE blue that will stick to your kids’ faces…therefore, if you have anywhere to go tomorrow, don’t go crazy with the food coloring!)

Bake your Tyson Honey Tenders per the package instructions.  I just heated the Alfredo sauce in the microwave before drizzling over the noodles.

It’s OH SO important to serve this meal with a blue drink.

We opted for a sports drink, but the possibilities are endless.  Kool-aid, sports drinks, blue milk, blue lemon-lime soda.  It doesn’t really matter which you choose…just make it fun and blue.

#ad Smurfs #TastyTenders #shop

We DID have blueberries, but my kids ate them all WHILE I was cooking the noodles!

So…we topped it off with blue chocolate covered pretzels!

#ad Smurfs #TastyTenders #shop


Just heat your almond bark according to the package directions and when you’re ready to dip the pretzels, add some blue food coloring FIRST!  Then, dip away.  Place them on wax paper and then add sprinkles (the kids LOVE this part).

Now that your bellies are full…sit back, relax, and watch The Smurfs 2!

#ad Smurfs #TastyTenders #shop

What BLUE food would YOUR kids love to eat while watching The Smurfs 2??