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It’s a sunny afternoon in northern Nevada, and I’m sitting on the patio in a lounge chair.  I can feel the sun beating on my face while I adjust my sunglasses to see my romance novel more clearly.  In the background, I hear the birds chirping, squirrels jumping from tree to tree, and faint sounds of lawn mowers in the distance of yards blocks away.  SERIOUSLY…I’m totally dreaming!  It’s late afternoon, and I have a million things to do before 6:00.  Run to Sam’s Club, feed my family a healthy dinner, talk to Eli about our weekend movie plans to see EPIC the movie and invite friends, and get him to scouts on time.  I CAN DO THIS…I CAN DO THIS!

Isn’t this how most of your days are??

Natural Tyson Chicken Nuggets


Isaac and I rush to Sam’s Club to grab things for dinner…and while we were there, they were doing a demo for 100% Natural Tyson Chicken Nuggets and Del Monte Green Beans…PERFECT!  (I always get stumped at what to cook for dinner…and this is quick, healthy, and easy!)  SOLD ME (after trying them first, of course~!).   We have plenty more pics of our shopping adventures HERE.

As with all afternoons, we drop off the food at home, then go BACK out to pick up the big kids from school.  Once home, Eli does chores while I prepare dinner. (So very glad that we have nuggets and green beans for dinner!)  And yes…look for the package of 100% Natural Tyson Chicken Nuggets to be sure that you’re getting healthy ones!

Tyson chicken nuggets


While I’m preparing the boys’ dinner, Eli is talking my head off.  I tell him about my plans and that they were also promoting this movie called “EPIC” and asked if he’d seen a trailer for it yet?

“Eli, have you seen the trailer for EPIC the movie?”

“Yes…I have.  Mom..it has talking slugs in it!  How cool is that?”

“It’s cool Eli”

“No mom…it’s EPIC!”


“Mom, it’s JUST EPIC…not “totally EPIC”. ”


Hence, we will be seeing EPIC the movie this weekend.  I do know that it’s from the creators of ICE AGE and RIO (which are in our dvd collection), so..I’m sure the kiddos and I will enjoy it.  If you haven’t seen the trailer for EPIC yet, click over HERE to watch two really cute trailers.  I also found this one:



Cute…right??  Eli is going to LOVE the battle of good vs. evil and the guardians of the forest.  I can’t wait!  We have family coming in town this weekend, and this is going to be our Friday night family date!

LOVE our funny conversations while in the kitchen (it’s where my fondest memories are…me listening to the kids, me burning food…always good times!)

So…you guys know that I’m not a brilliant chef in the kitchen.  But, I do want to make sure my kiddos are eating healthy and actually eating some vegetables.  Thus, I’m always on the quest to make their meals fun.  Here’s what I came up with for dinner tonight:

EPIC movie

Nothing to it!  Just use the following:

  • Any cute or extraordinary cup or bowl (the more fun…the better)
  • 100% Natural Tyson Chicken Nuggets
  • 1 can of Del Monte Green Beans
  • 1 banana sliced (or any fruit that you have on hand)

This is one healthy, FAST, and fun dinner to get your kiddos eating with a smile on their faces!

You have things to do…

Get to it!

Tyson chicken nuggets


and…You’re a witness to Eli actually letting a green bean touch his lips!

tyson chicken nuggets


I hope I inspired you to have fun with dinner.  Just because it has to be fast, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and healthy!

EPIC the movie opens this Friday, 5/24/13.  I’m taking the kids on opening night and I’ll report back in and let you know how we liked it!

OH…and if you’re on Facebook, click on over HERE and play the EPIC PUZZLE GAME for a chance to win tickets to see EPIC in theaters!

More info about Tyson Chicken Nuggets can be found on their website HERE.