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Fast Chicken Cars…

You did hear me correctly!  On a recent shopping trip to Walmart, Eli and I discovered Tyson’s Popcorn Chicken and the pre-sale of Fast & Furious 6 on dvd.  This revelation of fast cars and yummy chicken inspired our creative family night of making cars from chicken and then chillin’ and watching the FIRST Fast & Furious.

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Looks amazing…right??

One of the ONLY ways to get my picky Eli to eat is not only to get his help making dinner, but make the meals absolutely silly, crazy, and fun!  What could be more fun that chicken cars??


#shop #Tyson2Nite

Here’s all you need to make silly chicken cars for dinner at your house:

  •  Tyson’s Popcorn Chicken
  • rolls
  • apple slices
  • cherry tomatoes
  • toothpicks
  • cars for inspiration!
  • (and any other fruits and veggies you have on hand)

Go ahead and cook your Tyson Popcorn Chicken (according to package directions) and gather all your other ingredients.

Start creating!

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(yes…that’s a balloon you see)  We actually tried to make them roll….but, couldn’t get our big buns moving! (ha ha ha!)

This was actually my chicken car creation.

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I went with the chicken on top, tomatoes as tires, and a happy smile with an apple slice.  I quite like it.

Now…Eli, on the other hand, was SERIOUS about his chicken car!

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He just KNEW that with the popcorn chicken as wheels, he had the fastest car!

Not only did we have fun as a family creating these chicken cars, we ACTUALLY ate all of our dinner (success for this house!)

After dinner, it was movie time.  With fresh popcorn and Fast & Furious on dvd….we made it a great night!

#shop #Tyson2Nite

Don’t forget that you can PRE-Order Fast & Furious 6 on dvd from Walmart.

#shop #Tyson2Nite