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How was your Memorial weekend??  We had my nieces in town…and it was the PERFECT time to get out and see a movie!  Thank goodness I recently made my trip to Sam’s Club and had a bag full of Tyson Chicken Nuggets to feed to the kiddos before we headed out to see EPIC the movie.  After a fun day at the lake, slaving over a stove for HOURS is NOT what I had in mind.  Having the option for a quick and healthy dinner with Tyson Chicken Nuggets and some Del Monte green beans really made it easy to get out and head to a movie!

epic the movie


tyson chicken nuggets


Do you remember me sharing a quick, easy, and SUPER FUN way to feed the kids while getting them to eat a little healthy too?   Give it a try!  All you need are Tyson Chicken Nuggets, Del Monte Green Beans, bananas (or any fruit of your choice) and a fun cup or bowl!

Tyson chicken nuggets


Eat it up kids…we’ve got a movie to see!

Epic the movie

EPIC the movie


We went to see EPIC this weekend…and the kids loved it!  Let me tell you about it:

EPIC is a movie brought to you by the creators of ICE AGE and RIO.  Mub and Grub (the snail and slug) kind of steal the show with their sense of humor!  MK is the cute teenager who gets transformed into a tiny person and finds herself in a secret universe where the good are battling the bad to ensure the welfare of the forest.  Nod, the handsome leafman, turns out to help guide and protect MK in their quest to battle the forces of decay.  This movie is full of voices that you’ll recognize; Beyonce, Colin Farrell,  and Steven Tyler (to name a few).  The bad guys can be a little scary for the younger crowd, but the kids 10+ will appreciate the battle scenes and comic relief!  If you’re looking for a movie to take the whole family, this is it!  It opened in theatres on 5/24/13.  If you haven’t seen a trailer yet, get excited about EPIC the movie.