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Well, well, well….you want to know a little about ME…sit back, relax, and let me share a little with you!

My name is Kathy…and we live in Reno, NV.  We JUST moved here this summer and I LOVE IT!!  We’re a family that THRIVES on crazy!  Literally…..there is some non-sense going on in this house at ALL TIMES (you’ll see).

We have three boys. Our special kiddo was born four  years ago, Isaac.  He was born with a genetic syndrome call DiGeorge Syndrome and a complex heart defect.  He’s had two open heart surgeries (a cleft palate repair, g-tube surgery, and six heart caths)…and he’s only almost four!   (we have a family blog HERE)

We also have two other boys….Eli, who’s 9, and Chris, who’s 16.  (I know…what an age gap!)  I SO want a baby girl…but, can’t seem to talk my darling hubby into adding another baby to our house JUST yet!

SO…I make tutus and other girly things to keep my mind engaged and on other things other than meds and doc appointments.  Need anything like that, check THIS out!

I hope that you enjoy my blog..I hope that I can inspire you to save money, live within your means….and enjoy life with what you have.  I hope that you’ll laugh with me…cry with me…and COUNTtoTEN with me!

Email me any time at:  counting2ten {at} gmail.com

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