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No matter if you’ve been married two years or twenty plus years…date night is an important part of keeping a marriage hopping and happening.  With the busy schedules that encircle our daily lives…we forget to take time for ourselves (let along, the two of us).  Date night doesn’t have to be an extravagant event.  As a matter of fact, it can happen right in your home.  Dinner is the perfect way to set aside time for your spouse and spend a little quality time together.  Here are some tips to help revive Dinner Date Nights in YOUR house:


Decide to do it.  

Decide that you need to spend a little quality time withOUT kids around.  

Decide to talk to your spouse about things other than diapers, school notes,

and soccer practice.

Dinner Menu.

Luckily, I found the perfect dinner recently on a shopping trip to Walmart.  Just put this Stouffer’s Satisfying Skillet in the freezer until you’re ready to cook…and it’s ready in NO time!

Clean off the kitchen table.


I know it’s usually the place to do homework, laundry, and other chores.  But, tonight, it’s date night….and we’re NOT having any of that!

Make a Centerpiece. 


and…I don’t mean one made of flowers.  We’re TRYING to get our man to the table.  So, pull out all the stops.  Put his favorite magazines in a decorative bowl (or whatever else your man may like).




Remember that shopping trip?  Well, if you already bought the Stouffer’s Satisfying Skillets, just pull them out.



(there’s no need to focus on my less than perfectly clean stove.)  I’m only trying to show you how easy these Chicken and Dumplings are to make.  (just follow the directions on the package).  Even I can do it!



Get out your man’s favorite glass and beverage.  For my hubby, it’s this ridiculously large beer mug filled with Sparkling Cider.

Dinner is Served.



Sit down and enjoy this amazing dinner with your spouse!  It will look like you spent hours in the kitchen…but, shhhh!  You don’t have to tell them otherwise.

Another important tip–(and…if you didn’t have time to clean the kitchen….just turn off the lights in there!)