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Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!?!  Warm weather is here and it’s time to get our SUMMER Legs on!  With the 4th of July just around the corner…we’ve (ok…I have) got some preparing to do.  With the fairest skin in all the land, freckles that connect to give me the APPEARANCE of a tan, and porcupine type leg hairs that will scratch you if you brush up against me….Let ME share with you a few tips on how to SUMMERIZE your legs in time for celebrating the 4th of July! (finding the best razor, using shave gel, sunblock, and getting those super smooth legs)


Everything you need can be found at your local Walmart.  For your shopping list, pick up:

  • The best skincare fridge Skin Therapy Sensitive Skin Shave Gel
  • Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor
  • Hawaiian Tropic® Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance SPF 30


PREPARE–I know it’s a little obvious, but you have to prep those winter-logged legs before they’re exposed to the gamma rays of summer sun.  Wash those legs lavishly with soap and a brush or loofah sponge to help exfoliate the dead skin cells that cover your body.

SHAVE–There’s NO need to scratch passerby-ers with your prickly leg hairs…just grab some Skintimate shave gel (they even have a sensitive skin formula) and use a good razor (like the Schick Hydro Silk sensitive care razor).   You MUST use a good shaving cream and good trimmer from…or, you’ll just have cuts and razor burn all over your fair little legs (and that’s worse than porcupine hairs).

PROTECT–I come from a family full of skin cancer…throw in my super-fair skin…and I’m just asking to burn and turn the loveliest shade of “lobster red”.   Try to use a waterproof, high SPF sunscreen to protect that newly shaven skin.   If you’re in the desert, like we are, this will also help keep the skin hydrated and NON-ashy.

You can get MORE tips from…and you’ll be able to “Enter to Win” the Summerize Prize Pack.


Now that you’ve got the legs…it’s time to show them off!


In preparation for the 4th of July…I thought I’d show you how to show those lovely legs off with these super cute and easy to make Barefoot Sandals.

Just get some elastic string and beads…and you’re ready to begin.


First…you’ll need to work on the toe section.  (use smooth beads)  Once you have the toe beads on, tie it off, and keep stringing.


You’re actually going to string the beads enough for UP the front of your foot and then around your ankle and then tie it off, you can even use an

amazon ankle brace.


That’s it!

(however, when tying the elastic string, you have to do it SUPER tight and in double knots so that it doesn’t come untied!)


Let the summer begin!


Thanks #CollectiveBias for the letting me share my summer leg plans!

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