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Three boys, one dog, one chinchilla…Sometimes, you just have to STOP…and Count To Ten.


I am a master of all things kids.  This vast knowledge that I possess even translates to air travel.  You will need it even if it’s a short-haul fligt, let’s say Bangkok Phuket. I have come to my knowledge of air travel with kids from having the following experiences to list on my resume:

  • THREE crazy boys
  • frequent CROSS country flights (NV to NC…repeat 20+ times)
  • husband that NEVER flies with us (for obvious reasons)
  • special needs son that flies with oxygen AND feeding pump
  • special needs son that flies with 10 plus meds PLUS special milk (which all needs to be swabbed for bomb residue)
  • teenage son who has headphones glued to his head at all times, thus…cannot hear any directions or need for help

With that AND SOME in my repertoire…I am confident that with these few tips, you’ll have a great flight with your kids (since the time of honeymoons in Italy is way behind, and you can’t find someone to watch them for you so you don’t have to take them): Because it will get hot and it’l be like a Phuket villa resort!


  • The P word–Patience, Prozac…whatever you’ve got.  (both if possible)  You WILL have to stand in line upon line…prepare yourself weeks in advance.
  • Security Line Run-through–talk about going through security with your kids BEFORE the big day!  Most airports don’t make kids take off their shoes anymore (that saves a little time).  You all still have to take coats off..don’t wear them! (put them in a carry on!)   flying with kids


  • i-Anything–iPhone, iPod, iPad…whatever you’ve got, or can buy before your flight…bring it!  (don’t forget to bring chargers for the airport AND if you have a battery extender…it’s worth it when melt downs happen at 15000ft and all eyes are on you)
  • Headphones–all those i’s are worthless if you forgot your headphones!  I know I don’t mind listening to Yo Gabba Gabba, but all the suits on the plane might have something to say. (it helps if the headphones are cute monkeys or bears–for pictures, I mean)
  • Headphone splitter–if you have MORE than one child…they will inevitably want to listen to and watch what the other one is (it’s in their genetic make up).  Having a splitter will allow them to BOTH listen to the same thing.
  • Small Pillow/blanket–if you’re lucky, the altitude will knock them out!  Make it EASY for them to drift off…have a small pillow and blanket ready for them to snuggle.
  • Drinks–I know…you get free drinks on the plane.  BUT, if you have small kids that spill…do yourself a favor, and buy a drink with a screw top once on the other side of security.  They take a baby sip, you close it up, crisis averted.  Trust me…I’ve worn MANY juices on flights!
  • Socks–sounds silly…but, if your kids wore sandals or flops…they’ll have cold toes!  (we’re going for comfy cozy here…think sleep!)
  • Diaper Baggies–If you have a little one still in diapers…do the WHOLE flight a favor, and buy those cute little blue bags that keep the stink inside (this could also double as an emergency barf bag if needed)
  • Books/workbooks/coloring books–anything to keep the sweeties engaged if they didn’t take the hint and fall asleep (or your iAnything has already died because you didn’t give it a full charge)
  • Wet wipes, tissues, paper towels–ALL of them.  You know your kids (don’t act like you don’t!).  They will sneeze, spill, sneeze again…and spew.  Be prepared to tackle the mess in a flash and it won’t be SO embarrassing when your toddler bumps your tray and your coke falls all over your pants (with any luck, you have paper towels to absorb the most and your flight is long enough so you don’t look like you peed in your pants when you land)
  • Extra clothes–yes.  Someone’s diaper will leak, a drink will spill, or something you can’t even imagine will (because it’s fate)

I hope you enjoy your flight!  Check my Road Trip Tips when Traveling with Kids too…I’m full of it! (them…tips)

Did I miss anything??  Have you discovered an AWESOME tip when traveling with your kids??  Do tell!