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Twelve Days of Christmas–First Day

We LOVE doing the “secret Santa” thing with friends and families.  BUT…due to our little Isaac and our overall SUPER crazy life….we haven’t had a chance to do it in about 6 years.  Now that we’re settled in a new house and new town…it’s time to spread our crazy spirit with a new family in our ward.

The Twelve Days of Christmas…that’s what we do.  We make up new words to the song…and each night the kids “ding dong ditch” the family and we leave a note and gift on their door for TWELVE nights.

(We choose to start tonight, Dec. 12th…to have it wrapped up by Dec. 24th, so that we’re not intruding on their actual Christmas Day).

Sing with me now:

On the First Day of Christmas,

A Secret Family gave to me….

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

**The boys waited until it was dark, and snuck onto the porch, rang the doorbell….and raced down the road back to the car.

We can’t wait until tomorrow night!